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The OMG Caimano Mk4 CSC is born under OMG's know-how col/ected from underwater military and leisure ac­tivity field. The closed and semi-closed apparatus, with a simple manipulation (that can be performed underwater), allows the operator to select pure oxygen or nitrox miscella­neous.
Since the system operates in a closed-circuit (i.e., it uses pure oxygen) the gas can be dispensed both automatical/y and manual/y. ln this case the oxygen admission to the plenum bag is done by the operator who actuates a by-pass valve.
This solution proves to be very useful when making any kind of approaches to targets, since it al/ows to adjust the swim­mer hydrostatic balance as needed for going afloat or carry­ing out emergency maneuvers.

This product is sold only under french DGA control.

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