TR Equipement is often demanded by different French administrations abroad. The French Department of Foreign Affairs, the French Department of Home Affairs and the French Department of Defense request (through embassies) equipment presentations of the products used by French military units. All of those presentations are undertaken with French laws and remain under DGA control.

TR equipement's capacities and expertise allow to set up the equipment according to your requirements especially when it comes to making an operational maintenance of your equipement for several years.

Understanding and knowing your needs are the key points of our success. You and us, together, will find a way to meet your requests despite the reality of your geographical area.

We are available abroad for the following missions :

  • Improvement of weapons systems.
  • Operational maintenance.
  • Audit on equipment implementation.
  • Creation of maintenance or fixing centers on different levels.
  • Technical training of supplied equipment when endowment or afterwards.
  • Support on equipment implementation.
  • Equipment selling.

Nowadays, we work with many countries with the agreement of the French administration. From selling equipment to contract intermediation between an agent and a government or from State to State, we're on it !