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AMPHORA is a rebreather using different oxygen/nitrogen mixtures in a semiclosed circuit. AMPHORA is a closed circuit apparatus in the oxygen dive configuration and a constant mass flow apparatus (CMI) in the mixed gas dive configuration.

During the dive a simple operation of the gas switch allows the user to switch immediately between breathing pure oxygen on closed circuit and mixture on semi-closed circuit.

Oxygen and mixed gas apparatus (0-7m and 0-30m).
The constant mass flow is injected directly into the inhalation hose. The CO2 laden gas is exhaled from an overpressure relief valve, located at the top of the apparatus.

- Canister endurance:
4 hours (water Temp.: 04°c, CO2 injection: 1,6l/mn, RMV 40l/mn).
6 hours (water Temp.: 04°c, CO2 injection: 0,9l/mn, RMV 22,5l/mn).

This product is sold only under french DGA control.

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