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Aqua Lung 's closed circuit diving apparatus for shallow water & special forces operations. The F.R.O.G.S. is a self-contained, chest-mounted, closed circuit apparatus, using 100% Oxygen. It was created for intensive work using a high performance, simple and sturdy mechanism.

No tools required for periodic maintenance.

Oxygen closed circuit apparatus (0-7m or 0-10m depending on the regulations).
- Canister endurance:
4 hours (water Temp.: 04°c, CO2 injection: 1,6l/mn, RMV 40l/mn)
6 hours (water Temp.: 04°c, CO2 injection: 0,9l/mn, RMV 22,5l/mn)


Multiple water traps.
By-pass system injecting oxygen in the inhale hose allows the diver to breathe even in the
case of second stage failure or flooding.

Modular Concept : easy to maintain and low maintenance cost.
Easy to maintain after each dive : no tools required, easy to clean.
Quick assembly system for the counterlung.

This product is sold only under french DGA control.

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