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Aerodium Wall-to-Wall open wind tunnels are a great solution for paratrooper training. We recommend it for armies based in warm climate zones :


  • High airflow speed to train any flying positions.
  • Partially dependant on weather conditions.
  • Air temperature in flying area is the same as outside temperature.
  • Noise level - limitations to build in residential areas.


Aerodium advantages :


  • Fully transparent flying chamber. It gives realistic, impressive and sensational feeling of flying.
  • Roundshaped flying chamber. No corners, no sharp edges to the top of the flying chamber. It significantly increases safety during the flight.
  • Cutting-edge video recording system. Several cameras allow recording the whole flying session. Each flyer can keep and analyze all the session recordings. An effective coaching tool that allows progress to be made much faster.


MODEL WW-0-4 WW-0-4 PRO WW-0-6 PRO
Belly fly - number of flyers 4 4 8
Relative work - number of flyers 2-4* 2-4* 8*
Free fly - number of flyers - 2-4 4-6*
Military equipment YES YES YES
Diameter (m/ft) 3.7/12 3.7/12 4.3/14
Airflow speed max (km/h / mph) 210/130 240/150 240/150
Power max kW 1000 1200 1500
Power average kW 800 840 1050
Noise level max dB 87 87 87
*limited height of flyers


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