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Aerodium Mobile wind tunnel is designed for basic paratrooper training. Cadets can prepare for the first steps in skydiving. Mobility of the tunnel allows changing locations frequently.


  • Fast and easy tunnel set-up and disassembling.
  • Airflow speed allows to prepare for AFF course.
  • Open-air flying experience allows to train up to 15m from the ground level.
  • Dependant on weather conditions.
  • Air temperature in the flying area the same as outside temperature.
  • Noise level - limitations to set-up in residential areas.


Aerodium advantages :

  • Short set-up and disassembling time. Just 6 hours needed.
  • Impressive open-air flights. It improves psychological preparation for real skydiving.
  • Innovation safety cushion design. It allows to train up to 15m from the ground level. Safe landing in case of any mistakes.


Belly fly - number of flyers 2-4
Engine type Diesel
Diameter (m/ft) 2.8/9
Airflow speed max (km/h / mph) 185/115
Power max kW 800
Power average 100 l / 1h
Niveau sonore max dB 87


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