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The FN SCAR®-H PR Precision Rifle is the latest FN Herstal development in rifles.

Utilizing the proven operating system and modular architecture found in the FN SCAR® family, the FN SCAR®-H PR Precision Rifle incorporates features seldom found in a semi-auto precision rifle, and retains the same performances as an assault rifle.


The FN SCAR®-H PR features a 20" heavy barrel and an improved two-stage trigger module (Match type).

    • High Accuracy


    The FN SCAR®-H PR features a folding buttstock adjustable in length and a soft cheek rest adjustable in height.

      • Enhanced Comfort


      The mechanical precision sights have range setting up to a distance of 600m.
      The precision rifle also features an extended top rail that will accept the in-line assembly of night and day sights.

        • Sighting Systems


        Commonality of training and components simplifies operator training and maintenance.

          • Reduced Costs

Product submitted to french regulation on firearms.

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