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The CRABE is a back-mounted breathing apparatus for diving use in depths down to 80 m.The CRABE is an entirely mechanical rebreather operating in semi-closed circuit with NITROX or TRIMIX following the proportional leak principle and with pure oxygen for deco stops.

Designed for intensive use, the CRABE offers high performance, reliability and robustness. Daily maintenance and most servicing operations can be carried out without the use of tools.

The CRABE is suitable for anti-mine warfare.

The CRABE is designed for use with predetermined gases such as: pure oxygen, nitrox 60%, nitrox 50%, nitrox 40%, nitrox 30%, or trimix 23%O2 / 36%N2 / 41%He. Decompression stages are carried out using either the mixture used during the dive (the bottom mix), or pure oxygen, depending on the dive profile.

The CRABE has a harness with an integral weight system and a buoyancy adjustment jacket. The CRABE has an open circuit safety system.

- Canister endurance:

4 hours (water T°: 04°c, CO2 injection: 1,6l/mn, RMV 40l/mn).

This product is sold only under french DGA control.

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