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The FN40GL® grenade launcher has been designed and developed by FN Herstal to fit onto either the FN SCAR®-L or the FN SCAR®-H model or be used as a stand-alone grenade launcher when attached to a buttstock assembly.

The FN40GL®-S Stand-Alone grenade launcher consists of:

  • a stand-alone buttstock assembly
  • a specific trigger module
  • a low velocity grenade launcher


  • Fast Assembly and Disassembly

    The grenade launcher attaches to the lower rail of the buttstock assembly and locks rapidly with two throw levers allowing fast assembly and disassembly.



  • Automatic Ejection and Easy Chamber Inspection

    The grenade launcher features a forward and side opening barrel system. The forward opening allows the automatic extraction and ejection of the grenade case whilst the side opening of the barrel allows easy chamber inspection and use of long grenades.



  • Compact and Lightweight

    The FN40GL®-S grenade launcher weighs 2.8 kg (incl. leaf sight) and features a retractable buttstock that makes the weapon very compact (not exceeding 528mm). This ensures easy transport and quick engagement.


  • Accuracy

    A leaf sight attached to the upper rail of the buttstock assembly guarantees accurate firing.
Calibre 40mm LV
Operating principle Pump action, rotary locking
Length ready to fire 528mm (buttstock retracted)
Weight 2.92 kg
Barrel opening Forward and sideways
Barrel length 230mm
Host weapon N/A
Magazine capacity 1
Muzzle velocity 76 m/s
Sighting system Leaf sight + optional FCS

Product submitted to french regulation on firearms.  

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