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On specific demand, TR Equipement is able to supply ex-PAVA weapons. Each case is different, so we need to discuss with you about your need.



The AK-47 quickly became famous and spread all around the world because it was simple to fire, clean and maintain, and also because of its reliability.

The AK-47 and its successors continue to be used by many of the world's armies. It is a cheap, reliable, and easy to use weapon. The AK-47 was also available with a folding stock, the AKS-47, and a shortened version with the AKS74 folding stock, the AKMSU (used by armoured vehicle crews), although this was soon replaced by the AKS74U, which fires the 5.45 cartridge of the AK-74.

TR Equipement is able to supply you with AK, and their accessories, or to propose a full upgrade of an existing stock of weapons.

  AK-74 AKS-74 AK-74M
Caliber: 5.45x39mm
Action Gasoperated, rotating bolt with 2 lugs
Weight, empty 3.07 kg 2.97 kg 3.4 kg
Length: 940 mm 940 / 700 mm 942 / 704 mm
Barrel length 415mm
Rate of fire 600- 650 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity 30rounds standard



SVD (Dragunov) sniper rifle is still one of the best sniping rifles on the market. It's both simple, light and reliable, and still have a very good accuracy for sniping missions. As the AK 47 they are used by many countries.

Operation: gas operated, short stroke, rotatingbolt; semi-automatic
Weight: 4.31kg empty with telescope
Length: 1225 mm
Barrel Length: 620 mm
Capacity:10 round detachable box magazine



Caliber: 12,7x109 mm
Weight: 25 kg gun body, 41 kg on tripod 6T7 with 50rounds of ammo
Length: 1560 mm (1900 mm on 6T7 tripod)
Length of barrel: 1346 mm
Feeding: belt 50 rounds
Rate of fire: 700-800 rounds/min


  • RPG 28

Caliber: 125 mm barrel and mainwarhead
Type: rocket
Overall length:1200 mm
Weight: 13 kg complete
Effective range: up to 180 m
Armour penetration: ~ 1000 mm RHA behind ERA



Available in several calibers (81mm, 120mm...Etc). The Yugoslavian M69 was originally designed as an 82mm mortar for the Yugoslav People's Army. Upon the dissolution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the early 90s, most of the country's former states like Serbia and Bosnia brought with them the industry, technical know-how, and skill to make arms and weaponry.

An 81mm NATO-compatible version was built, designated as M69B, which is the same model offered to the Philippine Army.


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