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TAGS® Compact Launchers have been specifically designed for use in the toughest maritime, remote and urban environments. TAGS® proudly state it is trusted by many top notch units around the globe! Operations around the world have shown that the launcher is extremely effective and easy to use in difficult scenario's (diving, boat-based and land-based ops). Based on operational (end user) experience TAGS® has implemented major improvements which led to the brand new MKII model.

A compact rope container can be mounted on the left - or right side of the barrel and fits around 50m (165ft) of 9mm rope (both left- or right- handed operation possible). You can also fit both; ideal if you have to take multiple shots. The dedicated ladder canister fits a 20m/65ft FibreLight II ladder and is mounted beneath the barrel. No tools or difficult actions are needed to mount the canisters. You can easy mount them wearing thick gloves in pitch dark. Two simple rubber bands prevent the rope or ladder falling out the canister. You can leave the bands when taking the shot.

The Compact Launcher is fitted with a folding stock that features shock mitigation. This ensures compact storage and transportation and mitigates the impact on the shoulder.

How does it work ?

 Push the projectile in the barrel. Put safety catch on. The safety catch puts a 100% mechanical lock on the projectile and locks the trigger also. Open the main valve to pressurize the pression chamber (have a lock at the gauge and pressurize depending on the height needed). Then, aim, release the safety catch off and pull the trigger. After a shot, you can immediately re-start the process; just put another projectile in and shoot again. Depending on the pressure setting it is possible to fire 3-5 projectiles without the need to exchange the 500cc air bottle.

Le MKII a été spécialement conçu pour une utilisation intensive en milieu marin, urbain ou isolé. Le MKII est utilisé par de nombreuses unités dans le monde. Des missions ont prouvé l'efficacité et la facilité d'utilisation du lanceur dans divers scénarios (opérations en mer ou sur terre). Fondé sur l'expérience opérationnelle des utilisateurs, TAGS® a effectué de grands changements qui ont mené à ce tout nouveau modèle MKII.

Weight launcher

5kg / 11lbs

Weight operational

11kg / 24lbs

Overal lenght

53cm / 21in

Rope 9mm

Up to 45m / 145ft

Rope 11mm

Up to 35m / 115ft

Fibrelight II Ladder

Up to 20m / 65ft

Distance rope 3mm

>120m / 395ft

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